Activity 2


                ให้ผู้เรียนหาความหมายที่ถูกต้องในคอลัมน์ B ให้สัมพันธ์กับคำศัพท์ในคอลัมน์ A โดยใส่

                อักษร a-h ลงใน(__) หน้าข้อ 1-8 แล้วตรวจคำตอบในท้ายตอนที่ 5

                                A                                                                                             B

(__) 1. coin                                                                           a. put furniture in

(__) 2. lotus                                                                          b. piece of metal used as a money

(__) 3. sin                                                                              c. form of an area or a figure

(__) 4. shape                                                                        d. put something into motion

(__) 5. castle                                                                         e. type of typical water lily

(__) 6. furnish                                                                      f. the breaking of a religions or moral law

(__) 7. tradition                                                                   g. large fortified building or a group of building with

                                                                                                thick wall and towers

                (__) 8. lauch                                                                         h. passing of beliefs or custom from one generations

                                                                                                                to the next


Activity 3


                ตอบคำถามจากเรื่องที่อ่านแล้วตรวจคำตอบในท้ายตอนที่ 5

1.       When is Loy Krathong Day?


2.       What do Thai people do on Loy Krathong Day?


3.       What are the Krathong supposed to do for them?


4.       What are the Krathong made of?


5.       Where do they usually celebrate Loy Krathong Day?